Meet Lexi & Brock! We first met Lexi at Johnstown Bridal Showcase in January 2023. Lexi & Brock were the first couple to book The Willow for the entire weekend. Bonus: their wedding is over Corey (our fearless leader’s) birthday weekend!

We absolutely can not wait to celebrate with Lexi & Brock in September 2024!

Brock & Lexi met early in high school, but started dating 2019 after graduation. Brock took Lexi to dinner to Jean Bonnet Tavern and the overlook in Bedford. They go back every year on their anniversary!

He says he has always known Lexi was the one. She has a unique personality and consistently puts others before herself. She is the most caring, loving and forgiving person he knows. For Lexi, she knew Brock was the one since day one. He is unlike anyone she’s ever met. Brock is hardworking, considerate and has always been himself since the day they met. The two love spending time together with their family and friends. Their favorite thing to do together is enjoy the outdoors and make new memories together.

The Proposal
At the time, Brock had just gotten a new truck and told Lexi they were going to take it for a drive. They stopped for dinner at Jean Bonnet Tavern, where the couple had their first date. After dinner, they went to the Bedford overlook and Brock set up his phone to take a picture. Next thing Lexi knew, he was down on one knee asking if she was ready to spend the rest of their lives together!

The Wedding
The future Mr. & Mrs. Miller believe the best part of their wedding day will be making a lifelong commitment to each other with their family and friends by their side. They picture their day being full of love, laughter and amazing memories.

“We have been interested in the Willow since we first heard it was opening. We believe it is a one of a kind wedding venue that is close to home and where we want to begin the rest of our lives together!”

We can’t wait to be the beginning of your forever, Lexi & Brock!

Wedding Date: September 14, 2024
Food: Flair of Country Catering
Photography: Edward Jacob Photography
Videographer: Reflections Media